Why Eminem's 'Mockingbird' Still No.1

Why Eminem’s Mockingbird Still No.1?

Eminem’s Mockingbird is a track that marked rap history. Once it came out in 2004; things were popping — It made the Top 10 in the USA and Britain’s Billboard as well, so that was cool too. In 2006, he also won a nomination for the category of Best Rap Solo Performance, where he was up against 50 Cent, Ja Rule, Nelly, and Kanye West. 

Now nearly twenty years hence, on both Spotify and YouTube, Mockingbird has long been one of the most streamed songs on those platforms.

There’s hardly a song that doesn’t double its views in less than one year and reaches 1 billion. The main reason is TikTok short videos produced which have exploded to become a big force in audience attention. Thousands of users caught the song’s chorus while lip-syncing or singing along. 

The hashtag #mockingbirdeminem has been viewed more than 370 million times on TikTok.

The numbers show that users who listened to “Mockingbird” on TikTok listened to the full version on Spotify and YouTube.

A New Sensational Hit

Eminem’s Mockingbird also became a sensation on The Voice Kids in Germany in 2023. At the end of March, Emma, ​​a young candidate, covered the song with a powerful and moving voice. The jury and netizens, who described it as the best performance in the show’s format, praised her performance.

Eminem is very discreet and never reticent on social media, however he made an unexpected comment on Germany’s The Voice Kids’ TikTok video. The rapper posted a questioning emoji, showing his surprise and curiosity about Emma’s cover. Until now, the musician has never commented on the social network, the record label “Universal Music” posted.

Eminem Mocking Bird’s story

The early 2000s were a hard time in Eminem’s life. His two daughters, Hailey Jade and Alaina Mathers, whom he loved the most, were growing up in an unstable home life in Michigan, USA . Their mother, Kimberly Scott, Eminem’s ex wife, struggled with addiction and depression. She later divorced Eminem. All this made him feel worried and helpless.

This is further intensified when Eminem receives a phone call from Hailey’s school. She was acting out in class and the teachers were concerned about her well-being. Eminem was devastated. He knew Hailey was hurting more than ever before, and he felt guilty for not being able to give her a better life.

Eminem's Mockingbird song real truth

As he sat in a chair in his living room trying to sort this all out, Eminem began to write. This is how the background of the song “Mockingbird” was prepared. Eminem titled the song “Mockingbird” as a heartfelt letter to his beloved daughters Hailey and Alaina.

(Did you know that the gray and white American bird called the Mockingbird is also known for its excellent singing ability? They sing day and night, even when the moon is full. Their songs consist of a series of phrases they repeat, often accompanied by other songbirds, and frogs, including limitations such as dogs or the occasional motor car horn.)

On this emotional track, he addresses their confusion during difficult times, especially in the absence of their mother Kim. The words flowed from him like tears as he poured his heart and soul into its lyrics.

Why Mockingbird Touch Our Heart?

The song was a message to Haley and his sister, a promise that our dad would always be there for, no matter what happens.

“I know you miss your mom, I know you miss your dad

When I’m gone, I’m trying to give you a life I’ve never had.”

“I can see you’re sad even when you’re smiling

Girl, I can see it in your eyes”

Eminem – Mockingbird

When “Mockingbird” was released, it resonated with fans worldwide. They had felt the emotional pain and love expressed so powerfully in his lyrics, and now their spirits were lifted when they heard. In this song, honesty is what matters. 

However, for Eminem, it was a pledge to his daughter. Never mind what happened when he looked down into Haley’s eyes, he knew she got it. 

If you want to know more depth about the full story behind the Eminem’s Mockingbird song check this article.

Today, Eminem’s children 

Eminem's Kids

Now all of Eminem’s children are young adults. And what are they up to now?

Hailie has a social media following of over 2 million on Instagram and also hosts her own podcast. Just A Little Shady, which covers current events and pop culture through the eyes of someone in Eminem’s family.

Meanwhile, her sister Alaina has an arts degree in communication from Oakland University and is engaged to Matt Moller.

Final Thoughts

It’s not just another song, Eminem’s Mockingbird is a message of hope and love. On this track, he expresses that not even at the lowest point where you could be, there is still hope and room for redemption. In his case, it clearly demonstrates the power of love and forgiveness in repairing a deeply fractured relationship between a father and daughter. 

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