Eminem Australia Tour Negotiations Confirms

Eminem Australia Tour Negotiations Confirmed? (Fixed)

As you guys remember earlier this year there were rumors that Eminem would be conducting a concert in Australia. Yeah, today I’m going to give you the latest updates about Eminem Australia tour in 2024. Most people say this will be a massive than his previous Eminem Australia tour.

What Are The Updates Of Upcoming Eminem Australia Tour?

To Daily Mail, Australia published an article about an anonymous call to a radio station that said negotiations between Eminem’s management and local Australian promotors are ongoing. 

This was also confirmed because of a radio host Mark Roo Ricciuto. Mark said that the tour isn’t finalized yet but there will be an Eminem concert next year mid. Mark shared this information on one of his radio shows, 104.7 Triple M, on Thursday.

“They’re 100 per cent in negotiations… but it’s not done yet. Ticketek is involved and Adelaide Oval”, Mark Roo said. 

He further clarified that the tour’s timing wouldn’t be in 2023, but it would rather be between the Adelaide Oval Test match against the West Indies and Round 1 of the football. This confirms the concert dates somewhere between late January 2024 and mid-March 2024.

The expectation for Eminem’s tour is building, and if the negotiations successfully come to fruition, it will undoubtedly be a highly anticipated event for his Australian stans. And fans across the world, we should add. Stans flew in from everywhere to see his previous Australian shows in 2019, and now, after the years of Em’s stage absence, the demand to see him will be even higher.

If these rumours turn out to be true, this would make a record of Eminem’s return to Australia after his highly successful concerts in 2019. His previous shows drew massive crowds and received overall honour. Eminem has an excellent track record when it comes to filling venues in Australia. In 2019, his concerts always sold out, one of them, the Melbourne Cricket Ground, setting a personal record and hosting the biggest number of witnesses, almost 81,000.

Will Eminem Australia Tour Have Another Artist Performs?

There are rumors that these superstars performing at stadiums including The Weeknd, Paul McCartney, Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Foo Fighters, Pink and Taylor Swift. But none of them still confirm yet that they will perform together with Eminem on his Australian tour.

But who knows Eminem can surprise his fans like he did surprise concert appearances back this year with Ed Sheeran. Or like he did 50 Cent Live at Pine Knob, 2023. But I think we can see Foo Fighters and Taylor Swift mostly performing in his concert. Taylor Swift has been breaking records last couple of years with her beautiful voice and she again shows outstanding performance in her latest release song “You’re Losing Me“.


I know that we all want to experience another great eminem concert live next year. This one will be special for the Australian people because eminem is coming to Australia after Four years to do a concert. As for his previous Australian concert success, I think eminem will consider having a tour in Australia next year. Remember this guy who once asked his manager could afford a Rolex watch right?, So I’m sure he will give his priority to his fans over money. Because he is a very humble man started his career with hell of problems.

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