Eminem offended lyrics meaning

Eminem Offended Lyrics Meaning (Updated)

Introduction to the song

Offended by Eminem is a song inclusive of bold and unapologetic language which addresses the people in their hearts. It was released in 2017 in this album “Revival” and was greatly criticized for his skills on bold use of language and storytelling style embedded in the song. This song resonates with strong emotions which are being felt by people. Once could have had a long and hard day and he could be able to relate to every single word of this song. It discusses the deeper emotions of the people in society. This song was also praised for the fast-paced music used in the song. This enhanced the meaning of the bold language used in this song. This song depicted a message which was debatable, and this was also one of the reasons why this received many critics. But regardless the song was able to achieve record breaking attention when released in 2017.


This song initiates with a fast beat which grabs the attention of the listener right from the beginning. It is a presentation of deeper emotions of people who are struggling to find meaning of one’s life in this world. It is said that Eminem Offended lyrics reflect Eminem’s journey which he had to achieve with many ups and downs throughout. Eminem was a man who had started his journey from zero and attracted millions of fans with his talent. Eminem has had to face several struggles in his life at different stages. Even fame has once being a stab in his personal life. He has written many songs in which he describes how fame had lost his relationship with his family. Eminem Offended lyrics resonate of the life he has lived so far, and he speaks about his insecurities openly in this song. This raw release of emotions in the song is also one of the reasons to receive such a fame. This is not just an autobiographical song but also a sharp criticism of society overall.

Eminem Offended Lyrical Analysis

He addresses major problems in the society such as racism, sexism, and inequality unapologetically through his song Offended.  He also adds phases of his own struggle with depression and addiction in these lyrics such as “I’m so narcissistic / When I fart, I sniff it / Do a fake dab to smell my armpits with it” for the listeners to hear such an experience clearly and directly. This allows the users to live different phases of his life with himself. This is one the main reasons why this song has become a sensation in the hearts of people who have struggled in their lives. With all these he doesn’t fail to add hints of subtle humor within the lines to keep the vibe of the song ongoing with use of lyrics such as “I’m just offended they’re jealous of me / Cause I got more cheese than Kraft”.

“You claim if you get knocked by the cops, You’ll give ’em not even a statement”, Eminem Offended lyrics begin with speaking about his resistance towards the unlawful suppression by the authorities. He is bold to begin his song with such a deliverance since society is not brave enough to speak up even if the law doesn’t treat them fairly. He doesn’t fail to include the humor in such a bold topic with wordplay as “Shoot the bailiff, karate kick the plaintiff”. This depicts his strong rebellion against the unlawful suppression of people by the authorities.

Not only the authorities but he also critiques the law breakers in his song. He does not give a free pass to the law breaker and drug users to get highlighted in his song. This shows that he is not releasing a personal anger upon the authorities, but he is trying to convey a message about equality and law being implemented fairly. He describes about the people who act heroically while they high on drugs with lyrics such as:

Eminem Offended lyrics

Partying isn’t as fun as you think, or drug addiction isn’t heroic as you think is the main idea he is trying to convey through this part. Being an addict himself he is bold to criticize such a behavior. But it seems that he is trying to convey a positive message through his experience and as an addict he tries to show his resistance towards such behavior. This would bring the idea to such an individual that this behavior is not actually acceptable.

Topics Discussed in the song

He also discusses about darker topics such as sexism and violence towards women. He suggests strong disapproval towards those who take part in such acts openly in his song. He does not accept these as mere acts of violence, but he thinks that such individuals are equal to serial killers. This is hard hit on the men who think it is important to have power over women through violence. It releases topics for the people in society to debate. Some people who showcase their personalities as white characters are of such vulgar behavior in their inner self. Eminem suggests that these people are to be exposed and he has done the same through his song. He uses words to provoke the graphical senses and imagination of the listeners to keep them engaged with the song. Eminem is discussing topics which have been hidden or not spoken openly in society due to fear of disapproval by society. He rhythmically presents huge societal problems through his song.

As the song goes on, Eminem’s wordplay gets more complicated. He uses words in clever ways and adds hidden meanings to each verse. He talks about people like Bill Cosby and R. Kelly, who are known for controversial actions. Eminem compares their behavior to the criticism he gets as a musician.

In the latter half of Eminem Offended lyrics, he turns his attention to political commentary, taking aim at figures such as Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump. He uses satire and humor to criticize their actions and policies, highlighting his unhappiness for the current situation.

Last but least

In last we can say that Eminem Offended lyrics showcase the unapologetic writing style of Eminem vividly, while discussing hidden or unspoken topics in society. He does not approve of what is wrong even though he has gone through the same phases in his life. He suggests that everything which is wrong must be taken as wrong without whitewashing as people have been doing so far. Eminem’s bold use of lyrics and his talent has paved the way for this song to reach the hearts of people with a strong sense of self experiencing the moments

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