Eminem Smile

Eminem’s Smile: A Story That Know One Knew

Little Boy

A little boy, roaming in the shadows of the night in Detroit, had no dream, had no aim; he only knew that he had to face life’s struggles to survive each day. He took his notebook out and scribbled his thoughts into it. The thought about his father crossed his mind again with the rough winds of the roads.

He didn’t even know whether he existed, but he is sure that he had his reasons to leave and never grudged on him even though he and his mom had to face the battles every day. He never knew that this was the beginning of a massive journey for himself as well as the world.

He was sitting at the edge of this shanty shed which provided a roof over to them while his mother was gone for days or neglected his existence for the days she was there. Still scribbling to himself with words and slang he picked up at school, which he instantly hated as he stepped in.

He was a frequent victim of bullying, and he could not get his mind off the incident where he had to drop into a coma for several days at the end of a severe beating at school. Born in Detroit, his life was anything but easy.

Life Battle to Rap Battle

Despite his struggles, Eminem found solace in music, particularly rap. He started rapping with high school friends and formed a group called New Jacks. New Jacks was his mind and soul, and he worked his back off to bring this group out to the world. This little boy was no littler.

He invaded the battle stages in Detroit, while sharpening his skills. Step by step he came to the light of the rap world. The experiences he picked up right off the streets of Detroit became the base of his music. The raw and emotional music pieces were replicas of his troubled childhood and difficulties he had to face throughout his life. Most of his fans could share the weight of his experiences since they were also in the amidst of similar situations.

The Unforgettable Moment

The big stage was set, and people were filling every inch of the stadium on that brisky evening. A man was leading his way on to the stage, in all black, face turned towards the floor, but his walk could defeat thousand confident men. One by one he climbs up the stairs to reach the stage. The undisputed Rap God sets his foot on the stage. A moment of emotions crossed his face seeing the crowd, the fans gathered around him.

The intense, notorious, and rebellious man himself lit up with a genuine smile, leaving the audience in awe. It was a moment that captured the essence of his journey, struggles, and humanity. It served as a reminder to the world that behind the powerful lyrics and intense persona is a person who, like everyone else, experiences moments of joy and vulnerability.

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